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Donation PayPal
If you want to make a donation through PayPal, you must take a couple of steps to ensure our safety. Remember that the price is a few cents higher than the MX currency, why you pay the PayPal commission.
These are the steps you must follow:
• You need an account PayPal with an amount of money required.
• Choose the number of points you want to get.
• Go to your PayPal account and make a payment to the mail:, without address. or only clik in button DONATE.
• Make your transaction in PayPal.
• After the transaction is completed send an email to 833 516 2804 with proof of your transaction if it is a screenshot with the best transaction ID, character name and account name.
• Go to the Store in the game and use your coins.

Table of points:
• Donate   3$ USD for 250 tibia Coins
• Donate   6$ USD for 500 tibia Coins
• Donate   8$ USD for 1000 tibia Coins
• Donate 16$ USD for 2500 tibia Coins
• Donate 24$ USD for 5000 tibia Coins
• Donate 45$ USD for 10000 tibia Coins
• Donate 85$ USD for 20000 TC + 3 dummy you want + any addon you want "no golden, mage or summoner F or any looktype you want, any mount you want
• Donate 30$ USD for All addons and All mounts for your character"no golden, no mage and no summoner f"
• Donate 8$ USD for any looktype you want

Note: Make it clear that you are not buying anything, if not, you are donating to improve the server Terms and Conditions.
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1 - Danieluna
   Level: (335)
   Royal Paladin
2 - Tilin Tilin
   Level: (300)
   Royal Paladin
3 - El Loteador
   Level: (278)
4 - Sir Genesis
   Level: (274)
   Master Sorcerer
5 - Manipulador
   Level: (271)
   Master Sorcerer